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Year Wise Analysis


Predict your rank or score for different years and compare all of these.

Simple, Fast & Easy


You don't need to type Name, Roll No., Email Id. Just put the necessary details and get your prediction as fast as possible.

Most Sensitive


With a single digit variation in score you will get different results which gives you an idea about the variation.

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Disclaimer : Above is your possible rank. The predicted rank may vary due to JEE Main tie breaker rules for the same score. We do not take responsibility for any deviation between the actual result and the one displayed/predicted by this tool. Our company accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.


Most frequent questions and answers

Total no. of candidates on which analysis is done for percentile to rank or for rank to percentile conversion is written below the result.

Yes, Year is very important for exact calculation. This conversion is totally dependent on total number of appeared candidates. Year wise analysis is given over GuideForU for exact analysis.

Rank or Score prediction with marks is done on the basis of previous year marks to rank analysis of one or more than one year. According to difficulty level of question paper prediction is set which varies for each and every marks.

There are too many reasons for that:-

  • GuideForU prediction varies for each and every marks.
  • For different years, different predictions are used.
  • Compare your rank for different years simultaneously.
  • Very simple and easy to use.

Maximum marks and range of marks is given below the field where you enter your data. Kindly check it once again. If it’s not there then contact customer care directly.