General FAQ

Who prepare the choice filling preference order for different counselling portal over GuideForU

An expert who have an experience for not less than 5 Years prepare a full preference order for you.

How can I use this choice filling for counselling

Just see the preference order prepared by our experts and copy the same in your counselling. Remove those colleges where you don’t want to go for admission.

My rank is "25" in one of the counselling portal mentioned here, Should I use the same choice filling

You need to do the same choice filling just by copy and paste only. Only remove those colleges where you don’t want to take admission. Same choice filling is valid for low and high rank holders. You will automatically get one of the best college according to your rank.

What's criteria does our expert follow to prepare this choice filling preference order

Currently college & branch preference order is prepared by using last year cut-off analysis of 1st to last round. 

Do I need to create account to view choice filling pages

Yes, You need to create your account. Some of the pages require premium subscription also.

By whom should I contact for any help

You can call, WhatsApp with our receptionist or customer support at any time. Just remember that customer support is totally different than counselor interaction.

Access Premium Contents

Save your precious time with GuideForU premium contents. Analyze your cutoff, compare your college and many more covered inside premium subscription only.