M.Tech Admission Update Notice for IITs

You need to submit individual application form for IITs and some of the best colleges in India. GuideForU gives you an update of these colleges at the earliest.

Short Terms and conditions

  1. Your privacy is our main priority. Sensitive personal details like contact no., email id, etc. 
  2. We won’t provide update notification of the colleges which is not mentioned in our service plan.
  3. We won’t notify for information other than admission from these colleges (IIT, NIT & IIIT).
  4. Notifications will be provided for those colleges which is mentioned in the list. i.e., (All IITs, NITs & IIITs)
  5. The information gathered is not shared with any third party, broker or agent.
  6. Make sure that DND is not active on your phone to receive message from us.
  7. Currently we are not sending message to DND numbers. We will update this feature later. 
  8. We will notify DND activated users through through Email and WhatsApp.
  9. GuideForU can change the terms & conditions at any time You need to visit this regularly.
  10. We may increase or decrease the price of any plan without prior notice to the customer.
  11. GuideForU won’t take any responsibility to update you regarding all notifications of these colleges. You need to check individual website regularly to not miss any update.
  12. The information gatheres is not shared with any third party, broker or agent. It may lead to cancellation / withdraw of your service.
  13. After the expiry of your plan GuideForU automatically removes your details and from the mailing list and you won’t be notified after that.
  14. Read our Full Terms & Conditions

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