JOSAA Counselling 2021 Online Procedure

Counselling procedure is very important to know. Every year a lot of students won’t able to get good colleges just because of doing wrong choice filling and most of them don’t also know about refund rules and procedure of admission. Our counsellor who have an experience of more than 7 years will solve your doubts and attend you every time you need a support. 

After the seat has been allotted to a candidate, he/she is required to Log-in to their account on JOSAA-2020 portal to accept the allotted seat and strictly follow the JoSAA-2020 schedule for subsequent activities. They are also advised to start the process at earliest without waiting for the last day of scheduled deadline in order to avoid the last minute hassle. Based on candidate’s rank, his/her category and choices of programs, he/she has been provisionally allotted a seat in the academic program and Institute shown in his/her log-in.

After log-in following steps have to be performed for confirmation of the allotted seat

  1. Candidate is required to submit the willingness option
    (FREEZE/SLIDE/FLOAT) online.
  2. Candidate is required to Upload the (applicable) Documents as per list of documents given in Business Rule.
    i. Class X Certificate/ Birth Certificate
    ii. Class XII Mark sheet/ State of Eligibility Proof
    iii. Category Certificate(EWS/OBC-NCL,SC/ST) if applicable
    iv. PwD certificate if applicable
    v. Medical Certificate
    vi. OCI/PIO card if applicable
    vii. Passport/Citizenship Certificate If applicable
    viii. Crossed Bank Cheque/Photocopy of Passbook/Screenshot of Online account
    ix. DS certificate if applicable
  3. Pay the Seat Acceptance Fee (Rs. 35,000 for GEN, GEN-EWS and OBC-NCL,
    Rs. 15,000 for SC, ST and PwD Candidates).
  4. The uploaded Documents will be Verified ONLINE by the verifying
  5. During online verification, verifying officer may raise query (ies) which
    will be visible to the candidate in their login account on JoSAA portal.
  6. Candidates are advised to respond to the queries as soon as possible
    as there may be further query raised by the verifying officer.
    Candidates are also advised to visit their log in account frequently till
    their entire queries are resolved.
  7. The candidate is Mandatorily Required to respond the query (ies) raised
    by the verifying officer within stipulated time period mentioned in the
    schedule for each round. In case the query has not been responded the
    allotted seat may get cancelled.
  8. Forged Documents: At the time of admission, if the documents
    submitted by the candidate are found to be forged / fake, then the seat
    allotted will be cancelled.
  9. After online verification of the documents the seat may be confirmed or
    cancelled and the Provisional Seat Confirmation or seat cancellation
    letter will be generated based on updated credentials of the candidate.
  10.  The candidate can download the Document Verification-cum-Seat
    Acceptance Letter or seat cancellation letter from their account.
  11. Seat Up-gradation: If candidate accepts the allocated seat with
    floating/sliding option, and if he/she is allotted a different seat in a
    subsequent round, then his/her currently offered/accepted seat will
    automatically be forfeited.
  12. In the subsequent rounds, candidates with SLIDE /FLOAT options have
    to check their account for any upgradation in their allotment and may
    update their option.
  13. In case candidate has been allotted a seat in NIT+System in one round
    and his/her seat is upgraded to IIT system in subsequent round(s) or
    vice versa, candidate will not have any claim on previously allotted
    seat. Moreover, in such cases his/her uploaded documents will be
    verified again in the new system. Such candidates must have to
    respond to query (ies) raised by verifying officer in the new system, if
    any, failing which his/her currently allotted seat will be cancelled and
    candidate will be out of JoSAA-2020 counselling.
  14. All the Candidates who have been allotted a seat first time in any round
    have to follow the above Instructions.
  15. Candidates may use the WITHDRAW /EXIT options if they wish as per
    details given in the JoSAA-2020 Business Rules.

Rule for Change of Willingness

Candidates can change their willingness within any given round. At the end of each round, the willingness will be recorded and used for the next round of Seat Allocation. Following rules apply for changing the willingness:

1. If the willingness at the end of the previous round was ‘Float’, the candidate is allowed to change it to ‘Slide’ or ‘Freeze’ or keep the same in the current round. 

2. If the willingness at the end of the previous round was ‘Slide’, the candidate is allowed to change it to ‘Freeze’ or keep the same during the current round. 

3. If the willingness at the end of the previous round was ‘Freeze’, the candidate is NOT allowed to change it.

At the end of each round, the willingness will be recorded and used for the next round of Seat Allocation.

Refund Rules for JOSAA & CSAB

The counselling process of CSAB-2020 is still in progress, the refunds for the JoSAA and CSAB rounds related to NIT+ System will be initiated from 15th December, 2020. Candidates can refer to JoSAA Business rule and CSAB information brochure carefully to assess their eligibility for refunds. The amount will be refunded in the account for which the details had already been provided by the candidates during the registration process.


Most frequent questions and answers

AIR All India Rank
CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education
CoBSE Council of Boards of School Education
CRL Common Rank List
CSAB Central Seat Allocation Board
DS Defence Services
EWS Economically Weaker Section
GEN General (with respect to the category of a candidate)
GFTI Government Funded Technical Institutes
IIIT Indian Institute of Information Technology
IIT Indian Institute of Technology
JAB Joint Admission Board
JEE Joint Entrance Examination
JoSAA Joint Seat Allocation Authority
NIT National Institute of Technology
OBC-NCL Other Backward Classes – Non-Creamy Layer
OCI/PIO Overseas Citizen of India Certificate Holder or Person of Indian
Origin Card Holder
PwD Person with Disability
SC Scheduled Caste
ST Scheduled Tribe

Guru Ghasidas University. This college is there in JOSAA as well as CSAB list also. When seats remain vacant then college level counselling is there to fill those seats. We won’t confirm it right now that whether this college arranges CLC or not this year. You can interact with counsellor for this.

If you are smart enough to do your counselling at your own risk then you should use GuideForU self counselling kit which contains important details like vacant seats, college predictor, rank predictor, choice filing, fee details & many more. This will help you in choosing a best college. But many of us thinks that only this much colleges are there which is a great mistake. Due to this ego only they don’t participate in state level counselling. One might not give up till last round of each and every counselling. For this he should try to interact with GuideForu counselor. You should take benefits of knowledge of experienced experts & counselors. You can chat or talk directly without any hesitation. If you are not satisfied with our service then GuideForU will refund your 100% amount. Please read our terms & consitions for more details.

No. It’s not necessary if you are smart enough to checkout individual states counselling. Self counselling kit is also available on this website for each and every counselling. You can check it. It helps you to decide your college and fill your choices accordingly.

Counsellor interaction plan is valid till last round of that counselling in which you have enrolled. It’s better to choose it as soon as possible so that you can interact at any time within this period. Due to limited numbver of counsellors this plan is for limited users only.

You can interact via whatsapp, call as well as google meet also. This completely depends on you. You can chat in English as well as in Hindi.

Interact with IITian and NITian

B.Tech Counsellor

Since we have a limited number of counsellor so we decided to guide some students on first come first serve basis. Our aim is your satisfaction. We will try our best to explain your query and to let you get one of the best college in your rank. 

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