Admission to B.Tech/M.Sc (Five year integrated) in Photonics and Integrated M.Sc in Science
(Five year) Programmes of CUSAT for the academic year 2020 – 2021 will be done on the
basis of marks obtained by the candidates for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology
for their Plus Two/PUC programmes.

  1. The marks obtained by the candidates will be normalized for the purpose of preparing
    rank list. The standardization procedure published by Commissioner of Entrance
    Examination; Govt. of Kerala for KEAM 2020 will be utilized for normalizing marks
    obtained by the candidates in 12th Standard. The procedure in this connection is
    explained in Normalization Procedure (see Appendix).
    For B.Tech and M.Sc (Five year integrated) in Photonics, marks obtained in
    Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be utilized for normalization.
    For Integrated M. Sc in Science (Five year) Programme, marks obtained in
    Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology (Mathematics or Biology,
    whichever is greater, for students who studied both the subjects) will be
    considered for normalization.
  2. Procedure for preparation of rank lists based on normalized score including criteria for
    tie breaking.
    a. Only those candidates who have submitted their marks through admission portal
    before the stipulated date/last date will be considered for ranking.
    b. Candidates securing minimum eligibility as prescribed in the Prospectus 2020
    shall alone be included in the rank list of B.Tech/M.Sc (Five year integrated) in
    Photonics and Integrated M.Sc in Science (Five year) programmes.
    c. All KSC and KST candidates who have passed the qualifying examination will be
    included the rank list.
    d. Candidates applied for B.Tech and Integrated M.Sc. Programmes are required to
    furnish the marks obtained in individual subjects Mathematics, Physics,
    Chemistry, English and Biology (if applicable), Total Marks obtained in 12th
    Standard examination, the Exam Board concerned and the year of passing.
    e. In case of tie in the normalized marks, the following steps will be used for tie
    breaking. For breaking a tie, first use the marks of Mathematics. If tie continues
    then use Marks in Physics, then marks in Chemistry, then combined marks of
    Mathematics/Biology & Physics, then Mathematics/Biology & Chemistry, then
    Physics & Chemistry. If the tie still continues, use total marks obtained in Plus
    Two examination. In case a tie still continues, use marks obtained in English. In
    case of a further tie, date of births will be considered for tie breaking. Alphabetical
    order of the name may be considered for tie breaking in case tie still exists.

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